Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Vic U Graduations

The clock at the Old Government House strikes 12 noon, and the1km parade to the Michael Fowler Hall at the Wellington Civic Center, commences for faculty members and the new graduates.They will be receiving their scrolls after their ardous academic journey.This is Vic U's tradition. This morning, our school had a graduation tea party before the parade, a good idea, as the graduates, their families and friends, get to be feted before the walk.

The graduates would all assemble in front of the historical Old Government Building, the biggest and oldest wooden building in the Southern hemisphere. Families and friends gather, mingle with the members of the academia, picture taking is a must, flower bouquets, hugs and congratulatory wishes are in abundance.The sun decided to come out today, adding a merrier atmosphere to the surroundings.

For the past 2 years, these parades in May were wet occasions. Vic U has graduation ceremonies in May and November. Most would choose the November session, as it is nearer summer time, but then again, Wellington has a fickle weather. I went to the parade just now, not that I know anyone in the parade except for my supervisor, but just to get the feel of it, sharing the happy feelings of people there, feeling the happiness in the faces of the family members, and the relieve in the faces of the students too after gaining the fruit of their labor. Then I start to wonder whether I will get to experience this too in a year or two? Will I be able to come for my graduation? Unlike other levels of academic achievements, the conferment of PhD is not that straight forward after you submit your thesis. There are PhD cohort members that were conferred after a year of submission. If, for whatever reason I am not able to come for my graduation, I would want at least one of my children to get the scroll for me, hear the recitation of my research, and absorb the gratitude of Allah Almighty for His Blessings, that that part of my journey in life, difficult, frustrating at times, challenging and exciting, has finally come. InsyaAllah.

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