Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Customer feedback

written on Monday, November 1, 2010 at 1:21am

Victoria University Library in Rankine Brown Building is undergoing some refurbishment. They have added the Kiwiana corner, with a beautiful view of Wellington Harbor, complete with a masterpiece Kiwi-designed carpet center piece, which students, tutors/lecturers often use for group study on the floor (at one time I saw the whole group lying down on the floor - yes, group study session!)near the check out desk, quiet areas and "noise" areas have been provided for, to meet different 'lifestyles' of the students in Vic Uni.

While the physical refurbishment is still an ongoing process, the services are also being reviewed. Posters and emails were sent to students, inviting them, on a volunteer basis, to participate in what they termed as "Library Services Review Panel". There were several undergraduate groups, as well as postgraduate groups. The groups will have their say regarding the library services and the physical environment, what they want to be improved, what we can do away with etc etc. It is an open session, with the Librarians facilitating/asking the Panel members.The session took 40 minutes. The motivation to encourage participation from students,was a lucky draw for an iPod worth abt $350. During the session, on the table was bowls of mini chocolates, and each panel member received a paperbag full of goodies, chocolates, energy bars, a small bag of chips, a bottle of water, post it notes.

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