Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Safety and kindness

written on Wednesday, May 4, 2011 at 5:45am

As usual, at this time of the year, Wellington's weather is much to be desired, raining, windy and cold. Today, I was assigned to supervise an exam session for two special needs students, one girl, with diabetes, and another guy who is in wheel chair. The exam, at School of Law, was held at the Old Government Building, situated next to my office.The session was from 5.30 to 7.50pm. The session went well, each student has different needs, rest time, extra time, facility set up, etc. My bus home was scheduled to arrive at 8pm, and after clearing all the administratives with the school administrator, i dashed to the bus stand, just about 150m outside the Government Building. At this time of the night,the bus stand is eerily quiet .There was just me and another guy at the bus stand. People in Wellington go home for dinner as soon as office closes and peak hours at the bus stand are between 5-6pm.The drizzle has not stopped since morning and as the Grand Clock on Old Government Building striked 8pm, my bus approached.Traffic was light, so the bus ride was breezy to the next bus terminal at the suburb near where I live. School boys back from their games alight the bus at this terminal. The last of them was searching frantically in his bag for his money, i supposed. He called out to his friend that he forgot to bring his money, and he said he'll just walk home,and went down from the bus. The Driver closed the door, and slowly moved, but then he stopped, slide open his window, and called out to the boy" Hey Buddy! come on board!" The boy was so relieved, as the rain was getting heavy then. We moved on with the journey, and when the boy stopped at his destination, he took out the money that he managed to find in his bag, and wanted to give to the Driver, but the Driver just waved him off. The boy was just so thankful to him as he said " You saved my day, Driver!" Such acts of kindness just melt your heart, and for his kindness, I gave the driver a piece of chocolate, which I make a point to have in my school bag everytime, in case of hunger attacks.

Providing facilities for people with special needs gives them equal opportunities for their right to education. Knowing kindness abound, such as what the university provides to those who need it, and by such acts of kindness by the people around, in a not so familiar land, makes you feel safe.

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