Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Thank you, Wellingtonians!

originally written on May 14th, '09.

Coming to a new place, to live, can be very daunting, and can give a person high anxiety levels.We ( my 2 children and I) arrived first in Wellington, New Zealand, as due to bureaucracy glitches, my husband can only arrive at a much later date.On arrival at the Wellington International airport, we were greeted with what Wellington is well known for, the rain and strong gusty winds. The flight from Auckland was akin to a mild roller coaster, due to the winds! Vic Uni kindly arranged for airport meet, and was kind enough to transfer us to our temporary accommodation. Datin Judith Amin, cheers for your kind heartedness for offering us to put up at your nice and warm house, without which, we would have been more challenged, as the very next day, I have to report to the University. Wellingtonians are very helpful, and all you have to do is ask, or even before you ask for help, they offer their help. To the Wellingtonians who came up to help this "Damsel in Distress",Your kindness and warmth made up for the sometimes "unfriendly" weather you have. A very BIG THANK YOU! That sells Wellington!
To Ann and Gill, thanks for taking us under your wings! You are God sent Angels that helped took care of us when we felt so lost!

taken by aam

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