Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Library On Twos

originally written on Oct 7h, '08.

The Keynote Speaker at a major library Conference I attended in Durban last year said, of all the libraries in the world, the greatest are those on 'two legs', i.e. the knowledge one has in her(generic term for whatever gender) mind, thus the words 'on twos" and if these are not "harnessed" we are 'losing" them. Knowledge one acquires throughout one's lifetime, is a culmination of acquired information through formal and informal learning, through experiences, through one's involvement with networking with others, storytelling, and even eavesdropping...

This is my first posting, and thanks to my sis, who is more a techie than I am. I have just joined Facebook, and as one of my friends who responded to me (though he invited me eons ago!) said that I'm of the older generation, as I'm more of the e-mail era...about to be extinct!So before I am going to be extinct as a dinosaur, i better post and share whatever I have in my "library on two" with the knowledge world.

An image of the recent knowledge sharing sessions. I am involved recently with organizing a conference for pre-school teachers in Sarawak,Malaysia, on innovative and fun ways of teaching and learning maths and science, using materials easily available no matter where the schools are. The teacher who designed an interesting and fun way of teaching and learning maths and science, using used plastic bottles. I must say he is very passionate in this project as he garnered the involvement of parents from the community too.

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