Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The coldest weekend so far this year...

taken by aamWinter is here, and it is frostier than usual, and the last time hail and snow flurries happened in Wellington was about 14-15 years ago.Why am I not surprise? When it was my turn to accompany my dear husband during his studies in London in 1990, the firsts winter we had there was so cold that it snowed heavily, and the last time that happened in London was more than 20 years before that. And now, here in NZ, and, co-incidentally, it happened when we are here. My Kiwi friends told me this year, there's no autumn in Wellington, we went straight into winter. The cold southerlies add to the dropping temperatures, and ski resorts in NZ opened early. The surrounding hills near where we live now can be frosty in the mornings and the patter of early morning hails can be heard on our windows. Our electricity bill will be quite high this winter, as our house was built in the 60's, so it is really a cold house, sometimes colder than the temperature outside.

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